The app version information listed below is output to the Javascript console in the browser on app launch to aid with troubleshooting. Some changes occur in the API supporting the application, and the App version may not increment in such cases.


App version: 20191104/???

  • Fixed Issue with channel labels not correctly displaying on the Energy data tab.
  • Fixed No longer attempts to get modbus data when no modbus device is detected.
  • Changed Improved error handling and response notifications.


App version: 20191029/5z5Aumf9

  • New Added app usage analytics (internal).
  • Fixed Display issue with live energy data.


App version: 20191017/SGu8TKIJ

  • New Per-device Live Energy chart panel in Devices listing page. Displays last few minutes of short energy for evaluating device health and communications.
  • New BETA version of Site management self-service functionality. Contact Wattwatchers support for more information and early access to this feature.
  • Changed Improved security and permissioning model.
  • Changed Improved handling of browser-cached data.


App version: 20190808/bfJhQY3W2

  • Changed Improved backend handling of device metadata and switch state changes.


App version: 20190808/bfJhQY3W2

  • Fixed Pagination numbering issue.
  • New Added support for query string to reset local store state on login page ( Used when the auto-detection of local store issues is not triggered (which affects login after application upgrade.)


App version: 20190808/h6ik9xD6F

  • Changed Further improvements to ordering of devices based on status.


App version: 20190808/wr3lOO9LM

  • New Support for users that have access to multiple fleets
  • Fixed Issues with the ordering of "Inactive" devices in the device list


App version: 20190808/4tibZVhs-)

  • New Fleet device listing screen with filtering
  • New Device support notes
  • New System announcements
  • New Individual device status
  • New Individual device switching
  • New Secure API key distribution
  • New Change password