The app version information listed below is output to the Javascript console in the browser on app launch to aid with troubleshooting. Some changes occur in the API supporting the application, and the App version may not increment in such cases.


App version: 20200904/8V-sNHn3r

  • New The Dashboard is now served from
  • New Support for single-sign-on.
  • New Loading of Site and Device data is now performed on a separate page, to accomodate for single-sign-on.


App version: 20200814/77G5HMVAy

  • Changed The "Site" menu is now scrollable for long lists of sites.
  • Changed Support for multi-user sites.


App version: 20200525/G1agH8Jht

  • New Display device label in the device list dropdown. This helps identify a device in a context relevant to the user or your business. This might be an asset code, or a description of what room, facility or equipment is being monitored.


App version: 20191018/ZQdZXuLR

  • Fixed Archived sites no longer appear in the list of sites.


App version: 20191018/ZQdZXuLR

  • Changed Improved security and permissioning model.
  • Changed Improved error message on login when devices/sites are skipped due to not being initialised.
  • Fixed Issue with incorrect state display when changing switch state using the Dashboard UI.
  • Fixed Better handling of devices with no energy data.


App version: 20190808/MYQCZ1zIM

  • Changed Improved backend handling of device metadata and switch state changes.


App version: 20190808/MYQCZ1zIM

  • Fixed "Last month" filter not including data for the last day of the month
  • Fixed "Custom" date filter not supporting the full 180 day time period for some users
  • Changed Consumption and Circuits charts now auto-refresh every 5 minutes
  • Changed New date picker component for "Custom" date filter
  • Changed Improved message on Consumption chart when there is no device configured for Grid Connect or Solar Generation in the current site


App version: 20190808/BJHheqiBN

  • Fixed Colours of switch stats now match device when using "normally closed" contactor types
  • Changed Login no longer auto-capitalizes
  • Changed Clarified "device offline" error message
  • Changed Configuration changes to use new "Mercury" infrastructure (no visible differences)


App version: 20190808/HJYeLb7oQ

  • Moved to use Mercury infrastructure for API
  • New Added support for "Normally Closed" contactor types in Switches
  • Changed The "Switches" tab can now be selectively turned off (None), or made "read only" (View), or full access (Change) via the admin UI (by Wattwatchers)
  • Changed The Consumption chart is now simplified, and displays usage + imports as positive values
  • Changed Channel/circuit labels are now displayed with a leading number (so it's easier to identify which channel is which when wrapping of the legend values occurs)
  • Fixed Incorporates prior hotfixes:
  • Fixes a bug with viewing "Last month" where the resultant month was a 31 day month
  • Now shows a warning/limits custom date ranges to 180 days
  • Now only loads circuit data for a single device at a time (previously a bug caused all devices to be loaded, regardless of which one was being viewed, triggering 403 errors from the API for sites with a large number of devices)


App version: 20190808/Sy7QZO27Q

  • NewImplemented "Demo Mode" that for users added to the "Demo Users" group disables:
  • Change password
  • Changing switch state
  • Fixed Issue that caused the reset of switch state incorrectly if switch state changed via switch.vizigrid interface.
  • Fixed Issue that caused the "device is offline" message to incorrectly appear when first starting up
  • Fixed Issue that caused the opacity of the Auditor images on the Switch tab to be incorrectly set (i.e. not matching the switch state)


App version: 20190808/Hk513e7m7

  • Fixed Issue that caused changes to switching devices to stop being issued to the API after being changed a number of times


App version: 20190808/S1t7OyoMQ

  • New"Change Password" available to users. Click the person icon in the top right of the screen and choose "Change Password"
  • ChangedThe "Live data" feed no longer displays "no data" errors when no Grid Connect or Solar Generation channels have been specified
  • ChangedClearer labelling for the "Custom..." date range in charts
  • ChangedRemoved the "Joules" columns in the CSV download for charts
  • ChangedRemoved excess empty rows inserted into the CSV download for charts
  • NOTE: empty rows still appear (by design) when viewing the "Today" view (these entries are required to pad out the graph to the full length of the day)
  • ChangedNow defaults to the Circuits tab when no Solar Generation data is available
  • ChangedDisplays different sidebar widgets, depending on what data is available. For sites with channels categorised as:
  • both Grid Connect and Solar Generation, shows Usage (total consumption in kWh) and Generation (total generation in kWh)
  • only Grid Connect shows Usage and Imports
  • only Solar Generation shows Generation and Exports
  • no Grid Connect nor Solar Generation, shows no panels (rather than "0" values)
  • Changed Changed how Imports and Exports (and therefore Consumption) is determined to fix bug with display of granularity > 5 mins
  • Previously used eReal, and if eReal was -ve this was considered an export. This works for 5 min data, but as soon as you aggregate you can lose fidelity.
  • Now uses eRealPositive for imports, and eRealNegative for exports
  • Note: this means that 3 phase systems can simultaneously exhibit exports at the same time as imports in the charts (which is technically accurate, but may be confusing to some users)
  • Fixed issues to how date ranges are determined in charts
  • Fixed issue that saw invalid dates emitted in the CSV download for charts
  • Fixed the display of date + time when hovering the mouse over chart data values
  • Fixed a bug with dialog boxes closing when clicking outside of the dialog "window" area
  • Implemented cache-busting mechanism that was causing issues with new deployments


App version: 20190808/B1ZwDhubm

  • Mostly "behind the scenes" update to operate via our updated internal API (which received extensive updates as part of this release)
  • Significant refactoring to bring code base up to date with practices from Onboarding app development
  • Migration of users from old to new API/system
  • Basic handling of devices that aren't configured/never connected
  • Better handling of no data for the "Live" data widget
  • Better handling of devices that are deemed "offline" (last heard from > 1 hour ago)
  • Improved handling of switch state changes
  • Support for switch metadata appearing in the display


App version: 20190808/HkrXWwQlm

  • Fixed issue with handling of null site values being incorrectly returned by the API
  • Fixed issue with how site errors were being handled in the UI